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Business Shelter-in-Place video

Every year, hazardous emergencies take their toll in dollars and human lives. While some losses are unavoidable, adding shelter-in-place to emergency plans can help businesses cope with an event when there isn’t time to evacuate.

No one can predict the exact conditions or who will be around at the time of a hazardous chemical release. This training intends to help facility managers, safety officers and others who manage emergencies understand how sheltering works, identify areas in buildings for sheltering occupants and develop shelter-in-place plans for short-term chemical vapor releases.

The training has been developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Army's Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM).

Business Shelter-in-Place workbook cover

Hard copies of the Business Shelter-in-Place video are not currently available to the general public due to a shortage of these materials. A workbook, which provides the complete video text and key photos, is available. To view this file, you must have the Adobe Reader, which is available free on the Adobe website.

A compressed, QuickTime™ version of the video is available for viewing. Due to compression, the viewable area has been reduced and the audio quality is not as high as in the original. The file is 898 MB in size, so you must have a fast internet connection and sufficient available hard disk space on your computer. To play the file, you must have QuickTime™ installed on your computer.

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